Our stories

Our people are precious and their stories worth hearing. Be filled with hope as you see light triumph and voices heard. See the different ways you can support and be praying for us.

Tree of Life

We are a church family committed to a life of following Jesus together in Manenberg.

I see a community free from condemnation and walking in their Christ given identityLeon Daames


Maruwaan: Forever Changed

The story of Maruwaan Scullard, a young man once wrecked by addiction and violence, who found Jesus one night through a miraculous healing, and lived his life forever changed.

Maruwaan died doing what he was passionate about, he could say he was living for something that was worth dying for.Pete Portal - Cru62


Basila. Rewriting her story.

Basila, a long awaited dream and vision for the hope of young women in Manenberg.

I do not want to see another girl lose her life, I believe things can change.Clare Pretorius - Basila



Cate and Keeba tell us about the Skatties Preschool in Manenberg, Cape Town.

We want to break the cycle and see children believe that they can be anything they dream of. Cate Lear - Skatties


No Neutral Ground


Pete Portal’s new debut book, No Neutral Ground, draws on his experiences from a decade living and working in Manenberg, a community repeatedly defined by its high rates of violent crime, substance abuse, and gangsterism. Through his church work in the community, Pete has managed to rehabilitate many lives and turn them around for the better. He joins Expresso to share more about his experiences. 

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