Belong, Believe, Become

Our goal is to recruit young men between 18-25 years old from Manenberg who are caught in unhealthy life rhythms, such as gangs and drug addiction. They live in our home for leadership development, Cru62, where we assist and empower them to break free from this through the power of Jesus Christ and to be fully dependent on him. We want to see the very same young men who have been tearing down this community become healthy, productive and pouring out the love they have received into Manenberg.

How do we do it?

In Cru62 we have established a full-time schedule to try and help the young men rebuild their body, mind and spirit. This lifestyle of learning, hard-work and fun is centred around a healthy family structure, the lack of one growing up, being one of the biggest challenges our young men are facing in our community.

Our programme

The day begins with devotions, introducing the young men to the love of God. During the week they also have time-slots in our onsite prayer room where they can deepen their relationship with Jesus and they are plugged into one of the home churches.

We revisit stories from their lives in their step work with the aim of dealing with the feelings of what was done to them and what they have done to others. Growing up it was not always encouraged to share feelings, especially for men, they are seen to be a sign of weakness. The young men also attend an drug counselling programme twice a week and once a week they attend a N.A support group to equip them with tools to fight addiction by listening to other people sharing about their journeys in recovery.

In house, we try to help the guys engage with conflict in a restorative manner where there is space created to share and deal with day to day issues that come up living at Cru62. We have a once a week board meeting, where the young men encourage each other by identifying blind spots as well as the assets in each other, they also set weekly goals for themselves in this time. We have a documentary night, where they learn more about nature or what is happening around the world and creates the opportunity to explore their city as some of the young men have barely left Manenberg. Regular exercise through soccer, running, hiking helps build their physical bodies and have a bit of fun (unless Dowayne, the taskmaster is on duty when he’ll push the boys beyond what they thought they could do!). We want to see these guys begin to value not only their emotional and spiritual health, but their physical health.

Our Team


Tree of Life - Dowayne Lamour
Tree of Life - Pete Portal
Tree of Life - Sarah Portal
Tree of Life - Rudy Jones
Tree of Life - Brandon Newman
Tree of Life - Tom Odgers

What do we need?

We need volunteers with specific skills like carpentry, vocational skills or tutors in reading and writing. We have a need for good news bibles, prayer, food, clothing and monthly givers.