Welcome to Tree of Life

We are a church family committed to a life of following Jesus together in Manenberg. We don’t primarily aim to offer solutions to Manenberg’s problems, we simply seek to be a sign that another reality is possible when love is put at the centre.

I see a community free from condemnation and walking in their Christ given identityLeon Daames

How we meet

Most of the time, you’ll find us in living rooms, parks, or on the streets. We want each person part of Tree of Life to be SEEN, KNOWN and HEARD. Our various ministries, Bible study groups and small gatherings are safe places for people to share vulnerably with a few people and to see Jesus worshiped in different spots across Manenberg. When we all gather together, this happens every Sunday, except the third Sunday of every month, from 10-12 at 316 Manenberg Avenue.

Kids’ church runs for those aged 2-10 at Skatties on the same Sundays.

Every third Friday, we have a time of extended worship and meaty (hence feast, but sorry, there’s no dinner happening here!) teaching for those hungry for more. Join us at 316 Manenberg Avenue from 6:30-9pm.

For more information on how or where to find us, get in touch on info@treeoflife.org.za



These are our ministries.

We want to see each generation impacted by the love of Jesus, the whole family picture redeemed, a community who is living the abundant life promised by Jesus. Our part in this story is a few small ministries with big visions, small numbers of people who might just change the story of Manenberg forever.


Young men walking free from gangs and drugs

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Teenage girls needing a place to become brave, strong women

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Maak 'n Plank

Redeemed People Redeeming Wood

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Want to know more?

Why not join us as we gather together at 316 Manenberg Avenue


“We are simply a tiny sign, among thousands of others, that love is possible, that the world is not condemned to a struggle between oppressors and oppressed, that class and racial warfare is not inevitable. We are a sign that there is hope, because we believe that the Father loves us and sends his Spirit to transform our hearts and lead us from egoism to love, so that we can live everyday life as brothers and sisters.”
John Vanier

How to contact us

If you would like to get in touch please use the contact details or the form below


316 Manenberg Avenue
Manenberg, Cape Town
7764, South Africa


069 220 3615

Maak 'n Plank


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